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Re: Tasha Yar Presents: "Making Good Career Decisions"

I believe the phrase "I am Bing Crosby's grandaughter!" was used at least 47 times during her final conversation with management, but yes she quit.

So she would have had Dorn's "star trek" career is she stayed?

The love affair with deanna would have been humourous.

And what foe would have been at the fore of DS9 for Sisko to have said "If there's a blonde with a bad hair cut causing you problems, then you need your own blonde with bad hair cut!"

Then of course i would have been rivitted by her extensive courtship and marriage to Dax.

Though getting drunk at Dee and Will's wedding makes a lot more sense if she's still carrying a torch for Dee?

I wonder if she would have got the lawyering job in VI which Dorn got as hs own grandfather?
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