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She only did that because she was technically required to do so, AFAIK. She didn't actually believe in it.
True, and I'm sure the Council of Ministers felt the same way. But it was a political outcome of signing the agreement, and was legally binding. After Major Kira protested the Federation refusing to give up the station, Kira Nerys fought unofficially along side her friends.

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As for Bajor, wasn't its nonagression pact with the Dominion actually Sisko's idea in the first place?
Actually, it was the Dominion's idea since they sent Weyoun to negotiate with Kai Winn. Bajor, however, was not going to sign it until the Emissary addressed them and told them it was in their best interest to sign it.

I'm actually surprised there weren't more repercussions from Bajor breaking the non-aggression pact after Sisko retook DS9. Aside from Dukat's personal vendetta against Bajor, the Dominion never really responded aggressively against the Bajorans for the rest of the war.
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