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Re: Tasha Yar Presents: "Making Good Career Decisions"

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Any quotes from the cast and crew to the contrary were probably just propaganda for the fans.
Interesting. I never got the impression that Roddenberry was that far "out of the loop" for the third season. And it never seemed as though Michael Piller was one to just make up stories like that out of whole cloth for the purposes of "propaganda."

I remember one specific incident he detailed -- and this was years later, long after TNG that he was discussing it -- where Roddenberry was unhappy with a script. He called Piller in and asked him "what's this script about?" Piller started explaining the plot, and Roddenberry stopped him and explained to him that the script was a fine collection of action and plot twists, but that it wasn't really -about- anything. And Piller said that affected the way he looked at TNG writing from then on.

I always respected Piller as a writer for the fact that he was able to look at the restrictions imposed by Roddenberry's rules and view them as a creative challenge rather than a millstone around the neck, and never once sat around and complained about how tough it was to write for the Trek universe.
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