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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Aaron McGuire wrote: View Post
I pictured Grace Park and T'Ryssa for a while.

And you may say to me "Aaron, Grace Park is Korean," to which I say that it wouldn't be the first time that Star Trek mixed up their Asians. After all, Garret Wong is Chinese and played someone of Korean decent and Linda Park played a Japanese woman.

Aaron McGuire
And an Englishman played a Frenchman, and a Canadian and an Englishman both played a Scotsman, and an American played a Russian. So I suppose Star Trek "mixes up" their Europeans, as well.

It would be pretty silly to limit actors to always playing exclusively people of their own nationality and ethnic group. As long as they can visually pass as the character's ethnicity, and as long that there are no jarring moments like speaking their "first language" with a strong foreign accent or doing a very bad imitation of a certain accent that their character is supposed to have, I see no problem.
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