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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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^When I downloaded the game from online for the open Beta (Which I ended up not being able to play ) it took 12 hours to download the file...

I HAVE mine... it's right here on my desk... but I installed it on my computer and the graphics card isn't good enough... so... I'm going to buy a new laptop (Yes, I want to play this that bad ) and well... it might be a while... I have to see how much I get in my bonus at work, which I get the 19th, and then if I still don't have enough, I'll have to wait another two weeks for my next paycheck... So... It might be a month till I'm on... But, my username is RobertMichaels, and I'll come back here once I've got the new computer, and my character created...
All I can say is that, bugs and all, it is worth it!

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