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Knowing the Federation, they were careful to wait until the Dominion attacked first before they attacked the shipyards.
That may be consistent with Federation ideals, but there's no on-screen evidence in Call to Arms that supports this. I'm sure the attack was carefully planned so they were sure the Dominion fleet was in route to DS9, but Sisko never sent any messages stating that they were under attack. They probably calculated how long it would take the fleet to reach DS9 and engage the station, but we don't know for certain who fired the first shots of the Dominion war.
True; the closest we'll get to any on screen mention, is when Sisko gives his speech before leaving the station, where he says while they kept the Dominion occupied, Starfleet crossed the border and destroyed the shipyards.

No particular sequence is mentioned though.

Based on past Starfleet behavior, Starfleet would wait, in order so it can be said they didn't fire the first shot that officially "started the war".
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