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Re: Tasha Yar Presents: "Making Good Career Decisions"

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You know, the female Romulans of TNG onward were pretty much anti-sexy.
*cough* Donatra *cough*

Damn. Even I can't deny how hot Dina Meyer is.
Yes, Donatra was hot....but could have been more a more interesting outfit...

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Was always impressed they made sure to get her back for All Good Things...
Agreed, I read somewhere Denise had her hair grown out shoulder length and they'd made a wig for her that looked hideous, so she decided to chop it off so that she wouldn't look horrible forever in syndication!

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ETA: If TNG ever gets an Abrams style reboot years down the road, I hope they give the Yar character a much better showing.
That's a very interesting idea... and I do subscribe to the theory that TNG will eventually get rebooted in our lifetime.
That should be interesting....

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I seem to recall reading in a TNG magazine (maybe even the failed "Star Trek: The Magazine") that she was let go because they didn't have the bduget and Gene and/or the studio wanted to focus on Worf. And Gene regretted it.

Being a background character at the time, I imagine his salary went up as soon as he became a regular cast member.
Roddenberry was upset that she was leaving, so had her character killed to avoid any possibility of her coming back.

Yeah, that last part worked out real well.

I can't name another TV character, with some thought, that died, but still kept coming back.
Weyoun....(although, he eventually died 'for reals' )...

I would say Jason Voorhees, but he's a movie is Mike Myers...
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