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The wormhole being a natural choke point it should have been mined, in fact mined long before the Dominion was first contacted. But mined by whom? Bajor. Bajor wasn't a Federation member. Bajorians held sovereignty over their system and while the Federation has authority over DS9, I don't remember if the Federation possessed authority over the wormhole, although they certainly exercised control of it. For tech reasons Bajor most likely could not have mined the wormhole themselves and would have had to request that the Federation mine it for them. I'm suggesting command activated/detonated mines.

The GQ end of the wormhole was outside of Dominion space, but they could have had a "Monroe Doctrine" view on the planetary systems surrounding their frontier. Establishing the Bajorian colony was not considered an act of war by the founders, the Bajorian colony was destroyed simply because an outside group "encroached" upon their space.

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The Monroe Doctrine was the declaration by President James Monroe, in December 1823, that the United States would not tolerate a European nation colonizing an independent nation in North or South America. Any such intervention in the western hemisphere would be considered a hostile act by the United States
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