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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Starship Troopers - C+
District 9 - A
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - B+
The Wrestler - B
V for Vendetta - C+
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone - C
Corpse Bride - C
Battlefield Earth - F
There Will Be Blood - A

Battlefield Earth - Why inflict this on myself for a second time? I'm not sure. Several moments prove unintentionally hilarious. The psychlo makeup is as bad as a I remembered: they basically looked like humans with dreadlocks, platform shoes, and hairy hands. wtf? I got a kind of giddy chuckle out of hearing John Travolta call everyone "man animal" and "rat brain". The gratuitous use of slow motion and the perpetual earnestness of Barry Pepper's character make for some funny moments. The plot holes in this movie make the apple macintosh computer virus in Independence Day seem like a work of Shakespearean genius. Terrible movie, but I maintain that it has enjoyable camp value. F

There Will Be Blood - This movie has been reviewed to death, and the reviews are right, Daniel Day Lewis gives a riveting performance as a truly evil man. The last ten minutes of this movie are among the craziest I have seen in recent cinema. A
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