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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^Yeah but now the matter is with Billy's solicitors

Watched an interview on East Midlands Today last night and all I can say is, same old Billy.

1. Go on and on about Nigel kneeing you to divert attention from the fact you lost.

2. Make several comments about being dissapointed that the acquisitions comittee didn't sanction all the players you wanted to buy during the window.

I can never make my mind up if he's really cunning, or really obvious? I mean he has his excuse in early now and it's win/win for Billy.

If Forest are promoted he can bask in the glory and say "look what I achieved without all the players I actually wanted", whereas if they don't get promoted it'll be "well obviously if I could have signed the players I wanted to..."

Thats the main thing I've always hated about him, even when he was succesful for us. Nothing is ever Billy Davies' fault.

That is a lousy thing to happen to Kelly's son though

I guess we should reserve opinion over Capello/Terry until Fabio actually says anything. I don't envy him because its a no win situation really. And as I said it isn't like he's the only man guilty of this: Rooney, Cole, Beckham (never completely proven I know) the difference is that this was to a team mate. Now I don't think what he did was right under any circumstances, but doing it to one of your own team makes it worse, especially from the captaincy perspective.
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