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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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D'Anna isn't in the film at all (I must have missed her appearance via stock footage)
There was one shot of her during the attack sequence, in the scene where the Cylons on a Baseship talk about how they're exterminating humanity for the sake of protecting the children (or rather, their mentally-handicapped siblings, the modern Centurions). There's one close-up of her stolen from some season 3 episode. Oddly, they didn't even include one of her stand-ins out of focus in the wide shot, which made it slightly more obvious that she wasn't really in the scene.

And where to even place it in viewing order? There's a very slight framing story with the two Cavils during Lay Down Your Burdens, II, but it's not nearly as defined as the framing story of Razor. Leoben has a flash-forward which includes a key event or two from Maelstrom. And the final scene includes Cavil's dialogue from the episode No Exit.
I'd slip it in after "No Exit," because it felt like there was a lull between that and "Deadlock" (if only because it seemed like it would've been a little while in story-time before the Cylon/Human combined patrols would've felt relatively normal in the Fleet). It could also go after "Deadlock" without harming the momentum of the final stretch of episodes.
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