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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

I've finally gotten around to seeing this, and I have to say that it was unfortunately very average. There were quite a few interesting things going on:

(1) Anders' subplot, which fleshed out the character and showed his journey from athlete to military leader
(2) Simon, especially Simon on the fleet. This is probably the first time since The Farm that the character was given anything substantial to do.
(3) Gianna--EJO's wife is quite an actress, and I especially enjoyed her interaction with Tyrol. It's a shame she wasn't in the series proper (besides the miniseries).
(4) Cavil, or, rather, Dean Stockwell. As always, he delivers a great performance (actually, two of them).
(5) It's nice to see a little bit more of Boomer.
(6) We get to see how Leoben's obsession with Kara Thrace began and grew.

But, even though I enjoyed all of those things, structure was a definite problem for this film. There were several clips from previous shows that could have been cut down, or excised altogether. Finding out that Six was meeting with Cavil in the miniseries and that Baltar left the note (heavily implied anyway, since James Callis isn't actually in this outside of stock footage, which makes his presence on the DVD cover strange) aren't that interesting in the end. Ellen Tigh has very little to do, D'Anna isn't in the film at all (I must have missed her appearance via stock footage), Tory has two scenes of no substance, Adama and Tigh are mostly around in stock footage, Doral's involvement doesn't offer any new revelations, and many others (such as Roslin) don't appear at all, even in the stock footage.

The script has lots of interesting, clever, and dramatic scenes, but it never comes together into a whole.

And where to even place it in viewing order? There's a very slight framing story with the two Cavils during Lay Down Your Burdens, II, but it's not nearly as defined as the framing story of Razor. Leoben has a flash-forward which includes a key event or two from Maelstrom. And the final scene includes Cavil's dialogue from the episode No Exit.

Meh. I'd have rather seen a Tom Zarek movie. Maybe we can still have one?
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