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Elfman out, then back in "Wolfman"; some clips

Anybody's who has been keeping an eye on The Wolfman knows that calling it a troubled production would be something of an understatement. From Mark Romanek dropping out of the director's chair just prior to filming, to Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3) entering the game at the last minute, the film certainly has had its problems and bumps along the way.

Well, in August 2008 Danny Elfman was brought in to compose The Wolfman. In an interview with Johnston right after he got the gig, he said he wanted Elfman from the start and said he would let him go wild, as an avid fan of the composer. Then in November Universal decided to remove Elfman's score because of creative differences, and brought in Paul Haslinger (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Death Race) to compose a new score.

To complicate matters, Universal rejected Haslinger's score and went back to Elfman. Apparently the shuffling had more to do with Universal's tonal shifts with the film rather than their dislike of Elfman's material. Back last year they were contemplating two different cuts of the film. They screened both and went with the version that we'll see in theaters next week... the version with the R rating.

Elfman is known for his Gothic, fantastical scores and Haslinger is known for his electronic-driven scores, and once Universal settled on a cut of the film they realized Haslinger's synth heavy score just didn't mix. However, Elfman was unable to continue work on the score, since he is busy composing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, so rumor has it additional composers were brought in to interweave Elfman's score into the final cut, which purportedly went through significant changes since Elfman's departure from the project.

Despite the problem-laden production, I'm very much so looking forward to The Wolfman. The trailers look moody and atmospheric and the cast is sublime. Danny Elfman works best when he deals with tales of Gothic fantasia (as evident whenever he does a score for Burton) so I'm glad to see his score back in the game.

Here are some clips of Elfman's score.

Source 1:

Source 2:

Also, HitFix has some clips from the film and it just reassures me that The Wolfman will be a winner. Check 'em out.
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