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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Ok, I looked into it and I need a full team of 5 with me to form a fleet. I can scrounge up a couple of my friends, but it would be hard to get 5 at once.
I am on the East coast and expect to be snowed in for the next couple of days so I should be on a lot. My Cryptic handle is "aelius", just like here. If you will send me a message about wanting to join the fleet I will send you an invite as soon as I can get one established.
You might as well send it to Elric@aelius as he his my highest ranked toon.
I also would like to hear what people think the fleet should be named. The TrekBBS Fleet, while descriptive, is a bit basic. Although it would make it easy for BBS members to find us to send requests to join the fleet.
Any other name suggestions are welcome and if a bunch of good ones come in we could have a poll.
I will hold off on forming the fleet until we have a good name.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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