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Re: New amateur footage of Challenger disaster surfaces

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I would have to think that Nasa has a ton of cameras from all angles set up to watch the take-off. This guy's video from how many miles away certainly couldn't tell them anything they wouldn't have gotten off of their own cameras. Don't you think?
Yes, that's why I said that in my post:

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Why did this guy keep the video to himself all these years? He acknowledged in the video itself that he had recorded a piece of history. Maybe they would have wanted a copy for the accident investigation and for museums and the media afterward. Not that it would likely provide any further insights, but still, he should have shared it.

I did see that you had said that. But I still think there was no point in him sharing it. And to be frank, for all we know, once he gave it to them they filed it away in that gigantic room in a box that no one ever looks in.

He may have put it away as a way of dealing with it himself. People box up and put away terrible memories all the time. It would have served very little good to share it and add to the media frenzy; and to be so close to such a disaster must have hurt tremendously. It's one thing to know about terrible things happening in the world but quite another to stand witness. Accident and crime witnesses frequently find their memories blocked as a way to protect themselves. To be able to physically put that way might have helped him cope with his helplessness.
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