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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

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I can't see how China getting to the moon in 2020 would be embarrassing for the US. America got there in 1969. The space race is over, America won.

Let the Chinese go to the Moon, as long as someone's carrying this forward. They can afford it, we - thanks largely to Dubya - can't. Obama's done the right thing, here.
Let's see. When Bush came into office, the US was ~ $5T in debt. When he left we were $10T. That was $5T over 8 yrs and after, the Clinton and 911 recessions, 2 wars and the start of Bush Recession (stimulus of 2008 and TARP). Now we're $12T - $13T in 1 yr. BTW, Congress raised the debt ceiling to $14.1T today. And, Obama's 2011 budget has a $1.6T deficit. That budget anticipates new taxes from the sunset of the Bush tax cuts, healthcare and cap and trade, none of which have passed. And it is still $1.6T in the red.
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