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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

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What did our parents achieve? A level 80 death knight.
But would returning to the moon be an achievement?
It's an achievement because it's difficult to do. It stretches us to our intellectual and engineering limits.

I'm not saying it has to be a moon project, I'm not saying it even has to be a space project, but something ambitious and fun. We must have ambition. We must keep stretching ourselves. It is the spirit of being human.

If it was a full scale project, for purposes of scientific enquiry, then yes we should return. But to go back simply for the sake of going back is pointless. An ego boost for the American people, a moment of defiance, a shout of 'AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!'.
Well I don't care which nation(s) achieve these things: USA, Europe, China, Russia, or whoever, is irrelevant to me. I don't have a tribalist mentality; I'm more interested in the human achievement. I would feel equally proud of the achievers, independent of what language they speak.
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