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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

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Even if Obama gets 8 full years (yes, I voted for "change", but not this kind), the next prez could do a 180 and restart the program.

It's not like they've sunk that much money into the current program that an 8 year gap would be such a big deal.

And just maybe there are bigger things to deal with right now other than moon landings and those of us who want the future to happen in our lifetimes are out of luck.
They'd better not restart Constellation----it was cancelled for a damn good reason.

But a future, different manned moon or Mars mission, using the technology which Obama's plan will be developing for us now, is absolutely a good idea.

Obama hasn't cancelled manned spaceflight. He's just insisted that we modernize the system before we overreach ourselves.
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