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Re: Kaley Cuoco: Genre babe of the week #5 (Feb. 2010)

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Thumbs sideways. Great bod, major butterface.
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She's such a butterface, lol.
Butter must look fucking awesome where you live.
It's so good they can't believe it's not butter!

(She is truly gorgeous, by the way)
I can't say that her face is the epitome of attractiveness for me, especially by GBOTW standards. I'd rank probably at least half the babes so far above her or so (not going to back and produce an actual ranking ), but butterface? No, that's very rare among GBOTW. I also like the Big Bang Theory and the character she plays on it (within the show), so that's worth bonus points.

As for this week's hint: Easiest one to figure out for me so far, but I'm not sure how I'll vote yet. I look forward to the "evidence" swaying me one way or the other.
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