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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: The Original Series – Season One
Episode: “The Corbonite Maneuver”
Trek Installment # 96
Grade: A-
Viewing Date: November 29, 2009

So here we are. While the two previous episodes were the true pilots, this one felt like it was the true beginning of the original series. In addition to the now mainstay Spock and the usuals Kirk, Scotty, and Sulu, we finally get the rest of the crew. Uhura, McCoy, and, well, Sulu - but Sulu where he belongs. I really liked seeing them all together at last.

Character-wise, I loved the dynamic between Kirk and Spock and Kirk and McCoy. Kirk/McCoy especially during the scene in the turbolift and Kirk’s quarters. Spock and Bones aren’t quite yet at each others throats, but that’s okay.

I loved Kirk’s speech about the unknown after Balok said he was going blow them up. Awesome. The characters tensing up during and right after the countdown was well done. And, of course, the Corbonite gambit was smart.

Kirk’s slower, rational, and more deliberate way of handling situation is so different from what Archer would have done. It’s nice to have that change in pace after so long.

Bailey is the Redshirt of the episode, even though he doesn’t die. He’s a spaz. Spock bitches to him, makes fun of him, and even gets Sulu to laugh at him. Kirk gets on his case too. But for good reason – Bailey cracked like an egg under the pressure. However, Bailey comes around and in that, Kirk gives him another chance. We’re not really sure why – he just went to his quarters and got better, I guess.

Balok’s a badass . . . until he turns out to be Clint Howard.

A really fantastic episode. This was first one to really hook me and pull me in. Though I do have to ask – what exactly is up with Kirk not liking his female yeoman?
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