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Re: Star Trek: Online

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I'm looking forward to buying this game tomorrow.

I thought about doing the download version, but I'd rather have the physical DVD in hand, not really going to get the collectors edition though, money is an issue and all, I'll just stick to the standard. Need to find out what subscription prices are though.

I'm highly looking forward to gaming in the 25th century!
For people new to MMOs - realize that the DVD is out of date as soon as you buy it. By that I mean - as soon as you re-install, you'll need to re-patch up to the current client version anyway (and I can guarentee in to months or so, it'll be GBs worth of downloading) - and the client is always available directly from the website; so in all honesty, having the physical install DVD for an MMO doesn't mean all that much.

With a digital download, no need to go to a store or wait in line - just purchase, download, install, register the retail code witrh your game account and you're good to go. I would never do a Digital download for a standalone PC game, but with an MMO I have no issues because the client is always being updated and content added.
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