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Re: My Star Trek fan art

kaisernathan1701 wrote: View Post
Awesome version of the Voyager characters

be awesome if they a new Star Trek Manga they get you as a artist
Oh wow, that is very sweet of you to say, thank you very much. ]:3

kes7 wrote: View Post
The following VOY characters have blue (or gray) eyes, not brown as shown:


Also, Neelix's eyes are yellowish.

I only mention it because in this artistic style, the eyes are huge, so they ought to be the right color.

Other than that minor quibble, these are so great! Love it.
Yeah, I did mention that I made a mistake on Neelix's eyes. I couldn't find a lot of good close up pictures to get all the colors right.
Tom's and Kes's are blue, you just can't really see it with the picture size. thaks for informing me about Janeway's and Icheb's. ]:3
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