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T'Girl wrote: View Post
Did the Federation council formally declare war upon the Dominion?
Actually it was the reverse. The Dominion declared war against the Federation. They did this because Starfleet had begun mining the entrance to the wormhole (which was in turn a response to Dominion incursions into the Alpha Quadrant - specifically, Cardassian territory).

T'Girl wrote: View Post
At some point did the ambassadors/delegates/representatives from all the member worlds meet in full session with the President (and Prime Minister?) in attendance.
The Federation has only a president, not a Prime Minister. The state of United Earth, OTOH, has both (it's a parliamentary republic - President as head of state, PM as head of government).

Was there a impassioned speech by the President, followed by a debate and a vote to declare that a state of war existed between the United Federation of Planets and the Dominion?
I doubt it. As I said, the Dominion was the side who declared war.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
There doesn't seem to have been any way for the Federation to send a notification of such a declaration to the Founders.
Yes, there would have been: Weyoun.
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