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Re: Lost SPOILERS Four-Toed Foot!

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^ Thanks for the warning. I think I'm going to not read them since we're so close. I send spoilers out to a few friends and coworkers. This year most have said they don't read them and will wait for the show. Last year they gobbled them up. Maybe because it's the final season?
There's also been less spoilers than ever before. There are literally things that nobody had mentioned until the premiere aired in Hawaii... that's a first.
And the spoilers that are out there are way too out of context to make sense.
So pretty much like the show?

Radio show host was having people call in and relate their story of what made them stop watching or those that still are what keeps them watching. It was pretty funny even though he thinks LOST was nothing more than a big ponsey scheme. Which I'm actually okay with.
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