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Re: Space Battleship Yamamoto: The Movie

I don't know much about Yamato since it wasn't broadcast around here (they picked Harlock instead but I'm not complaining) but I would be very interested to watch it.

And discovering now that the Yamato blasted its way through the ice, it reminds me that Leiji Matsumoto also did it with Harlock SSX (the second series) when the Arcadia, built in an underground cave, blasts its way through the ground to reach the surface. It was truly awesome to the eyes of the 12 year old boy I was when I first saw it, and I still love it

I found the long version, but with French dub:

So basically they say:

- Careful, power set to maximum.
- Arcadia, blast off!
- What's happening, what is that?
Don't blink.
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