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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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In its own way, Sunshine was the precusor to Defying Gravity. Don't tell the people who think it's one of the best real sci-fi movies in years I said that, though. A waste of Cillian Murphy, really.
Forget Cillian Murphy--what a waste of Michelle Yeoh. I was arguing with a friend over the end of the movie last night. She was trying to convince me that it was all about spirituality. I thought that was bunk, really.

Moreover, I find myself annoyed with Danny Boyle the more interviews I read with him. Maybe I'm carrying that ire over to his films (the only one I've really cared for was Trainspotting).

For this film, I've read several where he claims that getting the science right was important. It's a claim that's hard to take seriously when the sun dying out 5,000,000,000 years too early is the easiest bit of science to swallow. For 28 Days Later, he went to (in)famous lengths trying to call it anything but a zombie film. For Slumdog Millionaire, every interview I read with him had the interview asking him what his Bollywood influences were and Boyle responding that there were none.

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For fifty million dollars, Duncan Jones could have made Moon ten times. Alas.
I never would have guessed the disparity was that big (though Sunshine was clearly a trifle more expensive.) More to Jones' credit, clearly.
Box Office Mojo says it cost 40 million. Duncan Jones said it cost 50 million in one of the Q&A's on the Moon Blu-Ray (probably the DVD, too). Either way, it cost quite a bit more money (and calling it an independent production is slightly hilarious).
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