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Well, I got my copy of STO from Amazon. Now I just need a working computer. Dell's dragging their feet. They're supposed to be calling me back later today (after "more research" into my supposedly "never before seen problem"). Every error message and diagnostic result clearly indicates a bad hard drive and yet they're not willing to admit that. One way or another I'm getting a new hard drive from them today even if I have to go Klingon on their butts.
Call them and tell them you want a new hard drive right now, and that it is covered under your warranty. They are going to drag their feet as long as they can. So you need to call them and be very firm.

"Never before seen problem", my ass.
My problem has always been that I'm too patient for my own good. However, I already emailed them some follow-up diagnostic results, further solidifying the obvious, and did demand that they send me a new hard drive.
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