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Re: FARSCAPE..worth the trouble?

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Oddly enough, the only people I've ever personally met that didn't like the show didn't like it for the show itself, but simply because they use puppets for some of the aliens.
I've had a similar experience. Of all the criticisms of Farscape I've seen / heard, it's probably the most absurd.
(Of course, they're the same people who bitch and moan about Star Trek always having foreheaded "aliens," so I really don't know what the Hell they want!)
This is part of why it makes no sense to me. So many people bitch about forehead aliens. They get something alien and bitch about it because "they're puppets". So what? (It's particularly absurd in the case of one person who's a big Star Wars fan and therefore, presumably, can cope with Puppet Yoda. )
I'll be honest, that was something that made me skeptical about the show to begin with, but in hindsight it was an idiotic and illogical bias. And I agree, those puppets were absolutely fascinating characters.

As others have said, Farscape went places other shows didn't dare, and while it didn't always pay off, when it did, it did so in spades.
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