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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

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I'm thinking of watching all episodes of Twin Peaks from the first episode to the last and then watch Twin Peaks: Walk With Fire as the show's coda. While I'm doing this, I'll be making mini-reviews of the episodes and the movie like the Babylon 5 thread which commented on each B5 episode or the Supernatural thread a while back ago that commented on episodes of the first season. Post a reply if you want to share some thoughts on aspects of the Twin Peaks show or the specific episodes I'm reviewing.
Make sure you watch the international version of the pilot as well, but don't watch it till the very end if you don't know the storyline. As explained in the Gold Box DVD set, Lynch was more or less forced to make a standalone version of the pilot that wrapped up the whole storyline in 2 hours. It's interesting to watch it after you've seen the whole series to compare how he ended the story initially and how it eventually played out.

I'm assuming you have the Gold Box set. If you're watching other editions on DVD I believe the pilot is only available otherwise as the international version, and the DVD season box set omits the pilot because of licensing and ownership differences. The Gold Box rectified all of that; all it's missing is Fire Walk with Me.

Also, Fire Walk With Me is a prequel, so it might be worth watching it first, except that it was a prequel that required knowledge of the series ... one reason it failed, probably. So in that respect it doesn't really matter when you watch it.

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