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Re: Star Ship Polaris

When I said "spins," I wasn't talking about a constant mode of travel or anything, more like what the Millennium Falcon sometimes did during combat maneuvers.

I'm also a big fan of cameras that don't always pretend to know which way is up in outer space. I think it really lends a sense of three-dimensional vastness to such scenes when the camera does something as simple as a slow roll in one direction or the other. One fairly extreme example of this is the scene in the latest Star Trek movie where the camera pulls back from the bridge window and rotates up and over the saucer, literally rolling upside down as the Enterprise approaches the Narada. Some other examples that stand out in my memory are numerous space scenes from the third and fourth seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Another thing I think would work well for Polaris is just a little of the "shakey-cam" technique. Not to Battlestar Galactica extremes but just enough to provide that "you are there" effect. Again, I think the new Star Trek hit a pretty good ballance.

EDIT - An idea just occurred to me for a very cool and probably very useful shot. If you really want to sell the idea of how the decks are oriented and why people react the way they do to things like forward acceleration without confusing the audience, you might consider something like the aforementioned shot from Star Trek, only in reverse. Start with a typical ship fly-by, but have the camera push-in and rotate from ship orientation to deck orientation as it passes through one of the windows onto the bridge or wherever. Just a thought.

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