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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Hi all!

Sorry, just realised that I hadn't responded to all your kind comments on Restoration - so sorry!


Yeah, I felt it important for what is going to be coming next for Sarine to find that person to lead on, and I felt that Sarine and Turner really hit it off in those few brief scenes they were in back in Volume I. It made sense that their relationship would develop.

Benjamani is a b***h, no two ways about it. Unfortunately for her, a lot of people are starting to get her number and are willing to help Sarine and crew out in handling her.

Prin and Ba'el's relationship is too old and too strong for a little argument to get in the way. She'll always have his back, and has learned to handle his outbursts over the years.

Hope you enjoy your popcorn!


Thanks so much! Glad you didn't mind the yucky kissing too much!

Yeah, everyone seems to be jumping on the "I-hate-Benjamani" boat, don't they?!


Yeah, Astrid is a scary woman, very strong and with a highly twisted way of looking at and handling things. Glad you enjoyed that scene, and yes, unfortunately, Astrid is going to be messing with Kalara in the next few chapters.

Prin and Bay work well together. Like I said above, they've been friends for much too long to stay mad very long, mainly thanks to Prin, who is willing to forgive and forget after her initial anger has passed. I know you'd said that you were a Prin and Bay shipper (hey look mom, I have shippers! Cool! ) but they've been friends for much too long and with much too much baggage for them to ever go back to that lover relationship they once had. More from Ba'el's point of view than Prin's. He loves her, but not like that, not anymore.

As for Turner... I had never intended for her and Bay to end up together, nor had I actually included her as a character in my initial plan. But the chemistry between her and Bay back in Volume I changed everything. And I think Bay needed that to start getting over what he is handling at the moment.

Benjamani as another spy or mole or with a hidden agenda? On this ship? Now whatever would give you that idea...?

Glad you're still enjoying this story, the characters and the universe! Thanks!


Glad you saw the Turner-Bay relationship coming, I sure didn't! They snuck it up on me, the b*****ds!

I'm intrigued though as to why you feel it might be too early for Bay, too early in relation to what? His problems? His wife? I'm interested to know exactly.

As for this developing into a full-out romantic relationship... Probably not for the forseeable future and certainly not in the way you might think it will happen. Bay has some major growing up to do before that happens.

Glad you enjoyed this!

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