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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Unremarkable. What stands out the most are the handful of starlets, would-be starlets and ex-starlets who populate the alternative learning class; their fine artificial sheen serves as a rather unwelcome contrast to the more homely and realistic casting that the rest of the film has gained a degree of fame and/or notoriety for. The teacher is particularly poor; using her big, soulful eyes as if they're imploring us to use her beauty to make us care about the lead. Or something, I'm probably overthinking this.

Should it be generating Oscar buzz? Well, eh, it's solid, if a trifle oversentimentalized is places. The best parts of the movie are those with the mother and her daughter though, which are appropriately brutal, and my half-knowledge indicates they're the ones up for that talk, so this makes sense. There were two phantasmagorical fantasy sequences that were interesting - particularly a certain flashback; but also the heroine imagining her droll life through the lens of a Spanish telenovela - but the rest of it was rather obvious.

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Characters make mistakes they should have been able to easily avoid, act out in ways that would be incredibly stupid in a real spacecraft, and it's best not to think to deeply about the science
In its own way, Sunshine was the precusor to Defying Gravity. Don't tell the people who think it's one of the best real sci-fi movies in years I said that, though. A waste of Cillian Murphy, really.

For fifty million dollars, Duncan Jones could have made Moon ten times. Alas.
I never would have guessed the disparity was that big (though Sunshine was clearly a trifle more expensive.) More to Jones' credit, clearly.
'Spock is always right, even when he's wrong. It's the tone of voice, the supernatural reasonability; this is not a man like us; this is a god.'
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