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Getting a Dell was your first mistake. I dunno what happened, but they've been using crap components in their machines recently. Bought a netbook of theirs for the wife and the whole thing fried and started coming apart at the monitor hinge after two months!
Yeah. Believe me when I tell you it's been more than just recently.
D'oh! This Dell replaced another Dell which lasted nearly 8 years. My fiancee has a Dell laptop that's still going strong after about 5 years. Shame the quality has apparently gone downhill. In fairness though, for the whopping 16 days it was running, I was extremely pleased with the performance of my new PC.

Researching my current problem I've discovered that the Western Digital hard drive Dell used is a piece of crap and presumably they'll just send me another. I'm almost tempted to just go to a store and buy a good hard drive. I don't want to void my warranty though and I don't feel like coughing up more money for something that's Dell's fault.
Well, Western Digital is superb in terms of performance and reliability. It's just that your hard drive has probably been dropped repeatedly and used dozens of times over. I used to work in Warranty, in the largest warranty facility Dell has, and specifically in that department, so I can tell you firsthand by seeing my coworkers, and that I'm not surprised.
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