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Re: Star Trek: Online

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It's more like City of Heroes in space... and yet not.
The game is made by Cryptic, the same guys who built CoH (and later Champions Online, its spiritual successor).
The ground combat is similar to those games, 90% of the time it's ranged and IMO they do a decent job of handwaving away the resiliancy of characters.
You get a personal shield (something Starfleet's had for years but that we rarely saw due to budget reasons, ditto body armor).
Aside from the scaling issues (go to DS9 and you'll really see it) the game is wonderful. Granted the scaling-up of everything is to accomodate the 3rd person view (if they scaled things proper ala elite force, you'd be looking down through the ceiling with the camera... it'd be messy).

The game isn't for idiots. You need to READ the quest text (something you can get away with not doing in WoW) to pick up on where to go, what to do, etc. IMO the way it should be.

The chat... dear gods the Sirius sector chat... retards ahoy!
Ah, I see. Thank you!

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Well, that was fun while it lasted. I had my new Dell exactly 16 days when the hard drive died last night. Grrrrr. I'll have to call Tech Support when I get home from work, but it looks most definitely dead. Obviously it's still under warranty so they should just send me a replacement but who knows how long that will take. Maybe Cryptic will finally get the STO server up by then.
Getting a Dell was your first mistake. I dunno what happened, but they've been using crap components in their machines recently. Bought a netbook of theirs for the wife and the whole thing fried and started coming apart at the monitor hinge after two months!
Yeah. Believe me when I tell you it's been more than just recently.
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