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Re: FARSCAPE..worth the trouble?

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To Farscape I say:

Good show.
That is a great pic. Perfect avatar. Hmmmm....

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Oddly enough, the only people I've ever personally met that didn't like the show didn't like it for the show itself, but simply because they use puppets for some of the aliens.
I've never really got that. I mean, Yoda. If you have a problem with Yoda being a puppet in Empire Strikes Back, I don't want to know you; and if you don't, then what's the difference? This is even the same puppet company; Farscape's puppets are directly building on the legacy of the Yoda puppet but are also, frankly, more complicated and convincing where the two regulars are concerned.

It's true many of the guest star puppets vary wildly in how convincing they are - some of them not at all - but the principals are definitely the equal of Yoda.
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