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Re: FARSCAPE..worth the trouble?

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I think it's a truly classic series. Now, I've no idea whether it's your thing. What other shows do you like?
I actually like anything (i'm easy..ahem!). But I trend towards DS9/Babylon 5/

Farscape is in my personal top ten, right along side these two you mention and the other four Star Trek series.

Watch it. You won't be sorry, or bored.

A friend of mine gave me his old DVD's of the new Battlestar Galactica, a show I had written off because I was tired of the the never ending-over the top angst and melodrama. He wanted me to like the show so much that he bought me new copies of season 4.5 and The Plan (he upgraded his to the Blue Ray complete series). I've been working my way nightly through both this and Farscape.

Farscape is the better show.

Does your set include the Peacekeeper Wars?

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