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Re: FARSCAPE..worth the trouble?

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Well, great. Looks like this show is getting some love here on BBS. We will watch the first episode sometime this week. My squeeze it in tonight after the new 24...

I dunno, I think you ought to squeeze a little 24 in around Farscape. Your friend got you the whole series? Dang, Rob, that's a pretty pile of change-the only reason I don't own the whole thing is the price. I would suggest 2 things-1:make sure you have The Peacekeeper Wars in your possession before you finish the series or you'll regret it. 2: Don't watch more than 1 or 2 episodes a day so as to make it last as long as possible. That way you're guaranteed a little goodness in your life everyday for a couple months. Once it is done you can never watch it for the first time again. (Exception-there is a 3 parter that should be watched all together).
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