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Re: Space Battleship Yamamoto: The Movie

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se keeplein mind, if my English is not so good. The friend in industry pointed to me to this discussion. Moreover, I have not got angry such for a long time. We to whom you reason that we (Japanese) are not good cartoonists, and ? KI and we do not learn how to pull now worsen you. By mistake, it so dislikes a foreigner that this is not believed, and is a blind patriotism principle and bigotry, hubris. By the way, I am almost speaking to the map and the marine smallness animal. Getting to know that such ignorant people exist in the world reduces my impression about North America the top more. By the way, your President is foolish. Moreover, Florida is made spoilt. In Japan, it is the tradition which can be proud of our animation. Moreover, we have our style and style which differenings. It proposes that you take back I; insults it is [ insults ] an insult to suggest that we cannot pull. It does not have work by the New World Order. Please do not insult our culture and our drawing. Miyazaki is Kami. He can pull a y American better than you. They to which you, an American (your Disney movie), and people resemble rubber all animated [ to the existing excess ] and are unreal. There is "an emperor's new groove (New Groove)."You insulted the amount of cultural larges of mine and me. Please cancel what you said. Otherwise, other things in animation industry of Japan will hear it about this. Probably even Miyazaki is him himself.
Dude, it's so frikkin obvious that you used babelfish to translate what you wrote into English. Please don't embarrass Japanese people who paid attention for more than 5 minutes at school.
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