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Re: My Star Trek fan art

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Aw come on B.J., Sombrero man freaking rocked!
Yeah, well, the body shape was mostly traced from some superhero comic I found. Even though I planned it this way from the start for the character design, you'll notice I still cheated with the face by completely covering it up!

íViva El Sombrero!

Nice work on those characters, Cafcow! Most are instantly recognizable. Q definitely needs a mischievous little grin, though!
I looked Sombrero man up, that is great! ]XDDD

Thanks! Yes, you are completely right on that one. }XD

And thank you beverlyann59 and kaisernathan1701. ]:3

Here's the Voyager cast:
Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Tom,
B'Elanna, Seven, The Doctor, Harry
Kes, Naomi Wildman, Reginald Barclay, Icheb, and Neelix

I forgot to draw Chakotay's tat so I had to draw it after I already finished (why it looks weird and too big).
I just can't draw bald people right. I need to practice that.
I put Barclay here because he appeared in VOY more then TNG (6 episodes in VOY and 5 in TNG (then of course he appeared in First Contact)). I love his character, so I had to add him. ]XD
I forgot to add the light reflections in Neelix's eyes, so they look weird. I couldn't find a close up picture of his eyes, but the picture I had they looked dark. I found a closer picture later and they were lighter, so I don't know if it was contacts that were forgotten, or if it was the lighting, but his eyes are wrong bad.

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