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Re: Space Battleship Yamamoto: The Movie

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This actually looks pretty good. I say that without ever having seen an episode of the animated version, though I've seen lots of images from it.
I watched the dubbed, serialized US version when I was a kid and was amazed at how sophisticated it was. This movie looks fantastic.
FYI - The released a new Space battleship Yamato anime film in Japan very recently (12/12/09):

One link is the redone opening theme; the second link is a promo bit they did prior to the release of the film. Since Space Cruiser Yamato was what got me into anime in highschool back in 1978 (I saw the compilation film where they KEPT the original names and story, and then later the Starblazers U.S. dub version of Quest for Iscandar) - but I have to say, I still love the Japanese version of the opening theme to this day.
The images of the Yamato come up through the ice I thnk show just how animation has come since original was produced. While it could of been done by hand it would of probably been cost prohibitive.

Also point on the original - did they actually rebuilt the Yamato or was it used as tempate/cover? I seem to recall what was the wreck lying keel down on the what used to be the seafloor then the space going vessel blasting through.

Or am I wrong and what appeared to be the wreck the cover?
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