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Re: AutoCAD Version of the Gray Lady

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I've gotta learn how to do this...
Unless you have access to a $5k seat of AutoCAD you can't learn how to do this^ but you could learn how to do something similar with a free or much cheaper piece of software. In my opinion some of the output of those are better than what I can put out.

I'm constrained by inexperience and the fact that vanilla AutoCAD is not actually a 3D program but is the finest 2D drafting package in the world. They have given it some pretty good capabilities in the past decade but that's still not it's forte. I'm also using a six year old version that lacks some commands that everyone else on the forum would take for granted so I have to use '08 at work to make some parts and then bring them home to integrate into my model.

I hope to have the Primary Hull done tonight. I'm cutting windows right now and then will etch the markings. I also started on the nacelles last night so will have something to show for that soon.
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