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Okay, I beat the game: the last boss battle was a bit too video gamey, but better than the final form of Saren.

I'm going to finish up the side quests I had left and then start my FemShep Renegade play through.
Here's what I think happened regarding your spoiler:
Since you didn't use that character, you didn't invest squad points into that person's skills, so that might have made it easier for that character to die. Plus, you might not have done research into stuff like tech skills or armor, which might have had something to do with it.
Maybe, I did do a lot of the upgrades (including all of the armor), but not all of them. And I set up for all of my characters to auto-level except for Shepard. It just seemed a bit random
People are saying that replaying the last mission again, they got a different result... so no one knows for sure any more. It would really suck if it was completely random.

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When you buy an upgrade for something, does that make it automatically work? Or do you have to equip it to your weapon/armor somehow? Man, I'm playing on Casual and I find the game surprisingly difficult! I just finished the "Archangel" mission and I almost died many times. I'm learning to use my squadmate's shield-strip powers as much as possible, though, so that helps. I'm a Soldier. Oh yeah and having ammo is really annoying, I miss the old system. I keep running out of ammo on my assault rifle in the middle of a fight.
Armor upgrades have to be equipped in the captain's room (which is kind of lame, since you have to load a few times to do that and come back to the mission). I believe that the damage upgrades are automatic, but they usually upgrade a new item to research, so you'll have to trek back to the ship to do that as well.

They probably could have found a better way to do that from a menu anyway.
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