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Re: Lost SPOILERS Four-Toed Foot!

Major spoilerage. Don't read unless you want the whole first episode spoiled for you.
-The episode starts, as the sneak peek, with Jack on the plane ... and no crash
-Bernard returns from the toilet
-Jack gets up and going to toilet. He looks in the mirror as if he remembered something and noticed a
hematoma or a patch of blood in his neck. He wondered where it came from. He returned to his place.
-Desmond sits nearby Jack in the plane
-Jack apparently a sense of déjà vu
-The camera plunges into the ocean from the window of the airplane, and there we discover ... The foot of the statue under the water, the island is completely immersed in this reality!
-We review the explosion of the bomb, then Kate wakes up at night in a tree in the jungle
-Kate Miles-found, and discovered the door of the bunker, Kate says "We're back!"
-Kate and Miles head for the door, it is destroyed is the crater. They find Jack and Sawyer.
-Sawyer-Jack violently pushed into the hole, he takes responsale for the death of Juliet
-Back in 2004, Kate is with the marshall, Sawyer pass and said one word
-Arzt speaks HURLEY
-In 77, we find Hurley, Jin and Sayid is very bad shape
-Jin-fetches the rest of the group
-In the bunker, Kate hears cries of Juliet
-Hurley, alone in the jungle does not feel reassured, he took a gun and ... he met Jacob.
- On the Flight 815 Locke and Boone talking together, but Shannon is not there
- In 2008 Locke (MIB) will cut a piece of cloth jacbob and wipes his knife, then he speaks to Ben
-Surrounding the statue is total confusion.
-Ben comes out, Richard's grasps and throws it to the real Locke
-Sawyer, Kate, Jack Miles and Jin shovel the hole to try out Juliet

Hurley spoke with Jacob
-Jin-fetches the Dharma van when it arrives Jacob is gone
-Jin, Hurley and Sayid return to the bunker with the van
-In-plane, Cindy made a call for a doctor, then she picks up Jack and takes him to the toilet
-Sayid is also there, knock the door of the toilet
-Inside is an unconscious man, that man is Charlie, Jack tries to revive him, he leaves the bag of drugs he had stuck in his throat, and thus saves his life.
-Sawyer arrives to join Juliet
-In 2008, Bram grabs Ben and take him into the statue. Locke (MIB) is sitting in the chair Jacob
-Bram shines Locke (MIB) and ask him or is Jacob, he says he is dead.
-Bram-title, Locke (MIB) falls to the ground but checkered. Bram found the ball on the ground
-The black smoke comes, grabs Bram and balance of all odds, she kills
-The B-smoke leave and Locke (MIB) which had disappeared, reappeared what seems frightening Ben
-In 77-Sawyer finds Juliet, he took her in his arms and kissed her but Juliet dies
-He then exits the hole and takes off when she died in her arms, he looks very wickedly Jack
-The Flight 815 landed normally at Los Angeles, Charlie is arrested for possession of drugs
-Jack gets up, looks at him and smiled Locke
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