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Re: Season DVD Packaging

Paramount really screwed up when they designed the R1 packaging, particularly for DS9 and VOY. The TNG sets are barely acceptable - they look pretty, but have thick cardboard outer boxes and the inner gate-fold that's sometimes difficult to get out. They also take up a ton of space. The DS9 sets are noticeably smaller, but have poor (in my opinion) artwork and design, and are constructed out of pathetic plastics that's too flimsy and prone to tearing. Thankfully, my sets have held up well but it's not like they get over-used. The VOY sets look nicer than the DS9 sets as far as artwork is concerned, but the plastic is still flimsy and I have a difficult time piecing the outer shell together. The lack of proper disc art and labels is insulting. And the choice of random, bright, obnoxious colors does not make this set attractive. Puke green? Bright pink? WTF? I only own season four, which is a very nice shade of blue, at least.
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