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If anybody from Paramount is reading, I'm seriously holding out on buying DS9 and VOY because of the shoddy packaging. I would love to see them in slimcases with boxes like the BSG seasons, or better yet, the standard width cases that can hold up to six DVDs like Fox's Buffy, Angel and M*A*S*H are currently sold in.

I've got TOS in the single disc versions (since I already had most of the collection when the season sets came out, I just decided to finish it off) and I have the complete TNG set (which is in awful cases too, but I got a good price on it). But I can wait on the rest till they're in better cases.
Standard width cases, that's the stuff I am talking about, for some reason I could never just use that terminology. I've also seen King of the Hill (albeit once for seasons one and two), The X-Files and That 70's show doing that (the new cases). I can't even begin to describe how much better (and less costly) those sets seem to be (in my eyes).
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