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Re: CW is making a pilot for remake of "La Femme Nikita"

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I dunno do we really need a new Nikita? I mean this just smells of a half season wonder that will be released on dvd as "the entire series" for $19.95 by Christmas.
Actually I don't see why they couldn't in fact just produce a mini-series and do just that. Everyone seems to want to create series that they hope run for 5 years at 22 episodes a pop, when in fact if they did a 6-hour mini-series of this, then they could tell a strong story and then be done with it. Works for Britain.
Screw Britain. How would a 6-hour miniseries help a network like the CW, which has to deliver at least 10 hours of primetime programming per week? This season we saw what happened when a network (NBC) thought they had a better way of programming for primetime. It's better not to fuck with the formula.
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