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Re: Mass Effect 2

Well, most BioWare games just have a lack of a denoument because it's too expensive to animate them or whatever - the text endings in JE and DA for example. Surprisingly, this is less of a problem in this game mostly because it's the "middle chapter" and because they intend to release DLC (which I hope is geared toward people who have completed the game and not just random sidequests).

But I'm talking about the boss fight that happens at the end. When you see it, you'll think it's the most silly thing you've ever seen.

Also, there is a fuel upgrade, but you only get 500 more fuel. Kind of pointless. I kind of wish that when you started a new game after you beat the game, they just gave you infinite resources. They give you a slight bump - 50k of each type - but that's definitely not enough to upgrade everything.
It just adds an unnecessary couple of hours to the game.
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