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Re: Season DVD Packaging

After buying Babylon 5 and Farscape on DVD last year, and getting a good comparison, the packaging for all of the Star Trek series is utter garbage. Don't get me wrong, the discs are the important thing and they are great, but the packaging looks like they were done from 5 year olds. The TNG sets are too bulky and big. The DS9 sets fall apart after the first run through of the series (Ripping much, even though it wasn't my fault?) and the VOY and Star Trek sets are the lesser of evils. What I like about the B5 and especially Farscape packaging is that they are compact yet easy to get to. I mean in one size of a TNG case, A&E was able to put in four seasons worth of Farscape. They are just really nice, and even though they are cardboard outers, it's so easy to get to. On the B5 cases, those are just really easy to get to with a nice outer shell. Paramount could learn a thing or two from those two sets.
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