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Re: Season DVD Packaging

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If you have the shelf space - and all of the series and films - Ric has two "monster" sets...

Ships Of The Line and
The Captains' Collection

and he even whipped up extensions and modifications for TAS
I wonder if Ric realizes that he's making me want to buy every single season of every show now?
You ain't the first person to say that.

As far as printing the covers, most cover artists buy 13x19 paper in their sheen of choice then cut them down to 8.5x13 sheets.

To print the covers, I just use Windows Paint. Ready?
1) Fire up the cover in Paint.
2) File>Page Setup - Legal size paper, Landscape, Horiz & Vert centering checked, set all printer margins to 0; Paint will re-adjust them to your printer's minimum defaults.
3) File>Print in your printers Best/Highest quality mode.
4) Go back to step 1 with the next cover.

As long as you don't shut down Paint in between covers, it will retain the margin/orientation settings.
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