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Not a bad thing since at least now the classes are much more distinct and well defined.
Eh... not really. The ONLY difference between the classes is how they go about killing stuff. Outside combat, they're EXACTLY the same. Everyone can hack/decrypt computers, safes, etc. since it's no longer tied to a skill, everyone has the same dialogue options, healing and repair skills don't exist anymore, everyone can wear the same armor, since there's no longer light/medium/heavy armor. It's been extremely pared down from the first game.
You could always hack anyway if you keep a balanced party, which you should be doing for obvious reasons. I was a Vanguard for most of my ME1 playthroughs, there were never anything I couldn't hack because I always had a tech with me.

Everyone does wear the same armor, but there are still some differences... the different shields that Sentinels get, for example.
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